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Wind Damage to Roof: What to Do

Your roof just encountered some wind damage from a passing storm. Now what? We’re glad you asked! In this guide, we’ll be discussing the various components of what to do after a wind storm and how you can best address the issues after the damage has been done.

Stay Calm

First off, stay calm and be thankful everyone is okay. Your health and safety matter most and a roof is just a roof at the end of the day. What ultimately matters is that you and your family are alright. Now, with that being said, let’s dive into the different aspects of which types of wind cause damage to roofs.

Yes, Wind Can Cause Damage to Your Roof

You read it right. High wind speeds can cause damage to roofs based on the speed of the wind and if you have many trees on your property. The more trees you have, when combined with high winds, may yield more damage due to flying debris.

High Wind Speeds & the Associated Damage

Let's explore some of the wind speeds which may end up causing certain degrees of damage along the way:

45-57 mph Wind Damage

In this range, you may see some small tree limbs break off, some already loose shingles fall off, or even a small yard fixture blow away. More often than not, this wind speed is not going to be life-threatening or cause major damage.

58-74 mph Wind Damage

This is where things become dangerous. At this speed, you may run into downed trees, damaged chimneys, roof shingles flying off, or even a tree falling onto your roof and causing sever damage to the structure and integrity of said roof.

75-89 mph Wind Damage

At this speed, you can almost guarantee there will be severe damage of some sort of damage to your home and surrounding structures. This wind speed is strong enough to damage nearly nay structure, and even strong enough to flip mobile homes and cars.

90+ mph Wind Damage

Any wind in this range is posing a severe risk to not only your roof, but your livelihood as well. Take shelter and just focus on you and your family’s safety.

What to Do After a High Wind Storm?

So you’ve endured the high wind storm and you’re processing everything which just happened. You’re okay, your family’s okay, and nobody is hurt. This is good. Now, let’s explore the home and property area to assess the damage.

Check the Outside Area for Damage to Your Roof

If you can visibly see damage to your roof while looking at it from below, you’re going to have to have that issue repaired as soon as possible.

Clean Up Debris

Cleaning up debris can offer greater insight into how much damage actually occurred. In addition to this, it can be a therapeutic exercise to help you during your processing of the events which just occurred.

Check Inside Your Attic for Leaks or Discoloration

If you notice a leak or discoloration after a high wind storm, you may be looking at the need for a quick repair. However, you may have noticed damage which is much more extensive, which will likely require one of our team members to visit in-person.

Submit Your Insurance Claim & Have Your Damage Repaired

Once you’ve submitted your insurance claims, and the adjuster has approved your claim; we can begin our work towards restoring your roof to good as new! We’ve worked with many insurance companies over the years and we’re always committed to efficiently and effectively completing our services so you and your family can return to living in your house, safe and sound.

Choose Storm Roofing for Your Roofing Repairs & Replacement

If you’re searching for roofing repairs or roofing replacement services due to a high wind storm, feel free to contact us at: 210-366-0781. We’ll be sure to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and we look forward to working with you!

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