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Do Roofers Work in the Winter?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

“Do Roofers Work in the Winter?”

This question is commonly searched, and the answer is “Yes!”, with a few caveats. Let’s explore the reasons behind this “Yes!” and why Storm Roofing is the right choice for you and your home’s roof. Enjoy!

The Simple Answer is “Yes!”

The answer to the question of “Do roofers work in the winter?” is a yes, regardless of where you live. The rationale behind this answer is the fact there are roof problems year round which require repair, replacement, and the proper care to ensure the home is safe and sound from the elements.

Roofers in San Antonio Sometimes Prefer to Work in the Winter

Roofers in San Antonio sometimes prefer winter roofing jobs, as it’s not as hot as the summer and it very rarely snows during the winter months. This offers a better work environment where our team is not on a roof which 9is 100+ degrees fahrenheit during the extremely hot peak of summer days.

Cooler Temperatures in San Antonio = Better Working Environments

As stated above, the cooler temperatures in San Antonio creates a better working environment where it’s not extremely hot outside and everyone can enjoy the work that much more.

When Will We Not Work in the Winter?

The only time we won’t work on a roofing project in the winter is if the temperature drops below 45 degrees fahrenheit, or there’s literal rain or snow on the roof preventing us from accessing the areas we're working on. This is due to the temperatures below 45 degrees fahrenheit preventing the adhesive from sealing properly on the roofline, and the rain or snow prevents us from even accessing the roof.

We Always Get the Job Done!

We always aim to complete the job in an efficient and effective manner, weather provided. You can count on us at Storm Roofing to be one of the best roofing companies in the greater San Antonio area for your roofing needs.

Contact Us to Learn More About How We Can Help Restore Your Home with a New Roof!

Contact us to learn more about our roofing repair and roofing replacement services. We’ll be sure to respond to your message as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon and we’re eager to begin working with you on the next roofing project!

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