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What is a Dead Valley On a Roof?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

What is a Dead Valley On a Roof?

A dead valley on a roof is quite similar to what it sounds like. It’s a valley that is a product of two or more conjoining points of the roofline. The photo above is an accurate depiction of what a dead valley is on a roof. Let’s explore further what a dead valley on a roof is and how to fix a dead valley on a roof.

Examples of a Dead Valley On a Roof

Below are some examples of where a dead valley on a roof can develop over time if not monitored over time:

Sections of the roof where two slopes meet and water cannot drain off of the roof

If two sections of the roof meet and the water has nowhere to properly drain, it can create a dead valley where the water accumulates and becomes a potential nuisance. This nuisance may eventually lead to leaks and rot over time if not addressed sooner rather than later.

Sections of the roof where water flows slowly and pools for extended periods of time before eventually running off

If you have a section of your roof which is not adequately angled to promote proper drainage, you may run the risk of developing a dead valley. This style of dead valley does not drain properly until the water reaches a pooling point where it eventually drains. Thai type of dead valley may cause unnecessary pooling of water and could cause a leak to develop.

Sections of the roof where the pitch is so shallow that the roof is almost flat & is prone to collecting water

A shallow pitch induced dead valley is usually due to poor installation and lack of planning. Avoiding this starts with the initial installation of the roof itself.

How to Fix a Dead Valley?

A dead valley can usually be resolved by installing a PVC membrane where the dead valley begins and ends. This PVC membrane has the ability to prevent pooling of water and it should last for quite some time, as PVC can be more weather resistant than a standard shingle.

Contact Us for Help with Your Roof’s Dead Valley, Today!

Feel free to contact us today if you’re experiencing a dead valley on your roof and you’re seeking out quality roofing experts in the greater San Antonio area. We look forward to hearing from you soon and we’re eager to begin restoring and revitalizing your roof!

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