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How Long Do Roofs Last in Texas?

So, How Long Do Roofs Last in Texas?

Roofs in Texas generally last longer than roofs in the Midwest or Northeast. Those regions of the United States tend to have extreme cold and extreme heat in their respective seasons. Thanks in part to Texas’ good weather throughout most of the year, your Texas roof will likely last longer than a roof elsewhere.

It Truly Depends on the Area of Texas

However, the longevity of your roof is conditional upon the area of Texas you reside in. Let’s explore the various areas of Texas and how long you can expect your roof to last when exposed to the elements on a daily basis.

San Antonio, Texas Roofing

San Antonio has good weather year-round and hasn’t had a snowfall since 1985. This is beneficial for your home’s roof, as snow and freezing temperatures can cause your roof to constrict and contract over time, which may result in long-term damage. San Antonio is a city in which your home’s roof should last longer than some other Texas cities.

Houston, Texas Roofing

Houston has some of the highest humidity levels in the state, thanks in large part to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to the high humidity levels, Houston also has to worry about hurricanes on an annual basis which may cause damage to the entire home you reside in, not just the roof.

Austin, Texas Roofing

Austin as a city has relatively mild temperatures during the winter months, with some occasional freezing temperatures which result in periodic snowfall throughout the winter months. Aside from those factors, Austin is a city in which you should have a relatively long-lasting roof based one weather patterns.

Dallas, Texas (DFW) Roofing

Dallas, and the greater DFW area have some extreme temperatures during the summer, and some below freezing temperatures during the winter. DFW also has high winds and sometimes tornadoes during certain seasons throughout the year. All of these factors combined can yield some tough wear and tear on your roof over the years.

If Your Roof is Showing Signs of Wear, Tear, & Age; Contact Us!

We’re happy to inspect your roof for any faults, abnormalities, or issues. Just give us a call at: 210-366-0781. We’ll be sure to have one of our team members out to your home as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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