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Metal Roof vs. Shingles: Our Guide

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Metal Roof vs. Shingle Roofs

Metal roofing versus shingle roofing can cause a lot of debate amongst the roofing community and its patrons. In this post, we’ll be going over the various benefits and negatives of both styles of roofing. We hope you gain some valuable insight into each style of roofing and feel free to contact us should you need any assistance with a new roof installation for your home for business.

Differences Between Metal Roofs & Shingle Roofs

The primary difference between metal roofs and shingle roofs consist of the fact a metal roof is metal, and a shingle roof is developed from an asphalt-like material. Both have great durability and long-lasting qualities to them, yet there are nuanced differences between both types of roofing which we’ll explain below.

Metal Roof Benefits

•Lightweight: Metal roofs have lighter weight materials overall when compared to your standard shingle roofing

•Long-Lasting: Metal roofs have a long-lasting qualities about them, and can typically withstand the environmental damage factors much more than shingle roofing

•Lower Overall Cost: Typically has a lower overall cost to install

•Fire-Resistant: Metal roofs are much more fire=resistant than shingle roofs, due to their metal structure

•Durable Against Stronger Weather: Metal roofs can typically withstand stronger weather and aggressive widnes

•Environmentally Friendly: Due to metal roofs’ longer-lasting nature, they tend to be much more environmentally friendly over the long run due to not having to be replaced more often

•More Energy Efficient: Metal roofs can provide a cooler home in some cases

•Potentially Higher Property Value: Metal roofs may attract a higher property value assessment, as they tend to be more stylish and unique looking than a standard shingle roof

•Lower Maintenance: Due to the metal roof’s structure and style of design, it typically requires less maintenance over the course of its life

•More Design Styles to Choose From: The design styles of a metal roof and much more vast than a shingle roof style

•Possible Insurance Benefits: Some insurance companies may give you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance sots, as metal roofs are typically less susceptible to damage during weather events

Metal Roof Negatives

•Larger Up-Front Cost:Metal roofs will cost you more up-front

•Limited Quantity of Qualified Contractors in Your Area: There may not be as many qualified contractors to install your metal roofing your local area

•Much More Labor Intensive: Metal roofs require a skilled team of several roofers to properly install your metal roof

•”Oil Canning”: Oil canning occurs when the metal roof begins to develop visible waviness in the flatter areas of the metal roof over time

•HOA Issues: Your HOA may not like, nor approve of your metal roof

•Potential Insurance Drawbacks: Some insurance companies may not like your metal roof either, as it may cost more to replace in its entirety should something happen along the lifetime of your home

Shingle Roof Benefits

•Smaller Up-Front Cost: Shingle roofs require a smaller up-front cost

•Easy to Install & Replace: You can install and replace shingle roofing quite easily, without having a full team of roofers to assist in the process

•Overall Less Expensive to Repair: Typically less expensive to repair when compared to a metal roof

•Access to More Shingle Roof Installers in Your Area: There are often many more qualified contractors in most areas throughout the United States who know how to properly install a shingle roof

•Sturdier with Foot Traffic: Roofing installers can stand on a shingle roof without having to worry about it caving in or warping under heavier weight

•Coastal-Region Friendly: If you happen to live near bodies of saltwater, you don’t have to worry about a shingle roof rusting out

•Applicable Warranty Coverage: Shingle roofing typically comes with a better warranty coverage

Shingle Roof Negatives

•Needs to be Replaced More Often: Shingle roofing needs to be replaced more often, as it may simply fly off in a couple of pieces if there are particularly high winds and heavy rain in your area

•Higher Long-Term Cost: Shingle roofs will often cost more over the long-run, due in part to their ongoing maintenance

•Rigorous Installation process: Shingle roofs require much more involvement during the initial installation process

•Heavier Total Weight: Shingle roofing typically exudes more weight when measured across the entirety of your roof

•Limited Options for Colors of Shingles: There are only so many options when it comes out the color of your shingles on your roof

•Not as Recyclable as Metal Roofs:metal roofs can be easily recycled and repurposed once melted down, shingle roofing, not so much

•Easier to Damage: Shingle roofing is overall much easier to damage

•Attracts Heat from Sunlight: Shingle roofing, especially black shingle roofing, can attract much more heat during the summer months

•Flaky Granules: The shingle roofing itself may begin to develop flaky granules over time and these same flaky granules may end up clogging gutters and pipes

•Prone to Mildew, Mold, & Algae: Because shingle roofing is not completely sealed from the elements, you may find mildew, mold, and algae begin to develop over time

•Oil-Based: Due to the shingle roofing origin material, oil, each shingle may jump in cost from time to time as oil prices fluctuate

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Metal or Shingle Roof

Below are a few factors to consider when choosing between a metal or shingle roof.

Roofing Budget

What is your roofing budget? Is it a tighter budget, if so you may want to consider a shingle roof. If your budget has virtually no restrictions, you may want to consider a metal roof, as the long-term costs are much less over time.

Roofing Design

How would you like your roof to look? This is more of an aesthetic question than anything else, yet it’s still important. The answer to this question may determine the future value of your home as well.

Your Home Itself

Is your home reaching its peak age? If so, you may want to consider a shingle roof if the future owners are simply going to tear it down. If your home has a few more decades in it, choose a metal roof.

Your Regional Environment

A metal roof can work well in areas with stronger winds and heavier rains. If you live in a relatively mild climate, a shingle roof will work well too.

HOA & Municipality Rules

This is neighborhood-specific, yet you’ll want to meet with your HOA to determine what’s allowed and what's not allowed when it comes to new roofing materials.

Contractor Availability

Do you have a good amount of roofing contractors who’ve installed metal roofs in the past successfully? Great! If not, you may want to just go with a shingle roof, so your home is not subjected to a first-time metal roofing installer’s possible mistakes.

Choosing Storm Roofing for Your Roofing Needs in San Antonio, Texas

If you’re seeking out quality roofing installation in either shingle roofing or metal roofing throughout the greater San Antonio area, you’ve come to the right place! Click on the button below to contact us and we’ll be sure to respond to your message as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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